Epinephrine alarmed cabinets for severe allergy response.

Severe Allergies – Be Ready -Every person is susceptible. Many people have a known risk of anaphylaxis.  Reasons it should be available publicly:

  • A person with severe allergies does not always carry or have immediate access to an epinephrine auto-injector.
  • There are also cases of new allergies that were not previously known. As well, idiopathic (unknown causes) anaphylaxis is a real concern for many.
  • In some situations, two or more doses may be required depending on the severity of the allergy.
  • If a person is carrying their own epinephrine it may not be enough.

Most deaths are associated with no administration or a delayed administration of epinephrine. In particular teenagers do not want to be identified or be seen as having allergies. They do not carry it with them and do not want to be seen as “different”. Many children and/or teens are experiencing allergy bullying.

Having highly visible unlocked cabinets, centrally located and alarmed will increase accessibility and awareness during the very stressful times of a severe anaphylactic reaction.



Epinephrine Auto-Injector Alarmed Wall Cabinet

Dimensions: Cabinet- 12in (30cm) wide x 12in (30cm) height x 3in (7.5cm) deep

Weight: Cabinet: 1.5 lbs (0.68kg)

Materials: Cabinet- ABS plastic with paint. Inner Cabinet-Polycarbonate clear plastic ABS plastic inner container attached with galvanized steel rivets. White polyester foam.

Color: Orange base with blue front and white/orange lettering

Pricing: Standard pricing per unit. For large volumes over 50 we will offer discounts. To defray cost some communities have partnered with a corporate sponsor or received individual/group donations.

Customization: Customized front faceplates are available (minimum order #) for an additional cost and initial screening set up fee. Many places have requested special orders with their logos or their sponsor's logo for acknowledgement of their support.

Payment: We accept orders via email and payment is currently via cheque, email transfer, or paypal.

NEW!  Our Cabinets can now be branded with your company logo.


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