Opioid Overdoses

Naloxone Alarmed Cabinets for opioid overdoses

Alarmed Wall Cabinet 

Dimensions: Cabinet- 12in (30cm) wide x 12in (30cm) height x 3in (7.5cm) deep.

Weight: Cabinet: 1.5 lbs (0.68kg)

Materials: Cabinet- ABS plastic with paint. Inner Cabinet-Polycarbonate clear plastic ABS plastic inner container attached with galvanized steel rivets. White polyester foam.

Color: Blue base with yellow faceplate and blue/white lettering

Pricing:  Standard pricing per unit. For large volumes over 50 we will offer discounts. To defray cost some communities have partnered with a corporate sponsor or received individual/group donations.

Customization: Customized front faceplates are available (minimum order #) for an additional cost and initial screening set up fee. Many places have requested special orders with their logos or their sponsors logo for acknowledgement of their support.

Payment: We accept orders via email and payment is currently via cheque, email transfer, or paypal.

NEW!  Our Cabinets can now be branded with your company logo.



Please Contact us below with any questions you have.

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