Consulting Services – we will help you determine the need for EAI’s in your place of concern. It is applicable to any business, school/university, recreational facility/centre, restaurant, hotel, transportation services such as planes, buses, trains, ships/boats. It is applicable to public places with large venues such as shopping centres, city markets, airports, concerts, sports games or church services to public places with small venues such as a rural hiking trails. 

Education – education regarding anaphylaxis, epinephrine and EAI’s in public places and how to ensure you properly administer or assist a person to administer an EAI in a timely, safe manner as well as proper follow up. Ensure proper placement of alarmed cabinets and ongoing maintenance required and the ongoing educational updates. Experienced health care providers with instructor led education sessions that include all educational materials. Online education - currently being developed specific to publicly available EAIs.